About Us

CY TILE POLISHING is the national leader in granite, marble and tile care. Cleaning, polishing, restoration and maintenance services offered. CY TILE POLISHING provides pre-eminent all type of marble, terrazzo grinding, polish services throughout Malaysia. Today, CY TILE POLISHING does more marble floor polishing than any other company in Malaysia.

Whether you are looking for providing marble cleaning, granite cleaning, terrazzo cleaning, not only can CY TILE POLISHING get your marble or granite surfaces clean including stain removal, but also repair, and polish them. Once the restoration process is complete, your marble, granite and tile surface is returned to their original beautiful condition, maintenance services can insure a consistent appearance.

With our marble and granite restoration process, your marble or granite doesn’t just look better it looks new again. Our marble, granite and tile restoration service is designed to return your surfaces to their original appearance.

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